Top Endangered Animals


Loss of habitat from human encroachment and “rampant poaching” have dwindled this magnificent creature’s habitat down to next to nothing. Further indications show that there has been additional loss of habitat due to environmental changes. I propose we make tiger hunting LEGAL. You heard me.

Polar Bear

Hit hard with global warming and loss of habitat these bears have a limited time on Earth according to scientists. While the Polar bear is not the only animal in distress in the arctic, it has become the symbol of wildlife impacted by global warming. I have no idea what can be done at this point really.

Pacific Walrus

Walrus use floating ice to rest, birth and do the things needed for birth to be a possibility. The problem is that ice is melting away at a rapid rate. There is a very real danger that these animals might not have a place for any of these activities.

Leatherback Turtle

These are some of the largest reptiles on the planet. Their nesting grounds are in danger and there is also the possibility that global warming could have an adverse affect on the future sex of turtles as well.

Magellanic Penguin

While entertaining, the message of the movie Happy Feet may not be that far off. It’s not necessarily industrial fishing that has these fellas starving to death, but again, the change in the Earth’s climate. Penguins have had to swim much MUCH further from their nesting grounds to feed.

Giant Panda

While no one knows whether or not this species will ultimately be saved (no one knows for certain on ANY species) the Panda is a symbol for hope. Despite being endangered and it’s habitat slowly being whittled down to isolated pockets for its populace, the species has held on for some three decades and has even seen some minor increases.

Bluefin Tuna

Extensive fishing of these tuna have depleted their numbers drastically in the last few years. The “WWF is encouraging restaurants, chefs, retailers, and consumers to stop serving, buying, selling, and eating endangered bluefin tuna until this amazing species shows signs of recovery.”

Mountain Gorilla

There are only 720 Mountain Gorillas in the wild. To put that in perspective, take the number of people who liked The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and multiply that by 3 and that tells you how endangered they are. This is due to poaching, civil wars in the area and habitat loss.

Monarch Butterfly

How long have we been hearing about this one? Seems like decades. The Monarch conservation is unique as their wintering grounds in Mexico as well as their breeding grounds in the US and Can-land all have to be protected and developed for the species to survive.

Javan Rhinoceros

Less than 60 are thought to exist in the world. There are no jokes that can be made about this. A cold could kill off the entire species tomorrow. Conservation efforts have been underway since 1998, but there still is a long way to go.

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